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Cat House Cafe Menu

Sweet Potato Fries ~ Hot and Tasty! Try ‘em once and you’ll be
addicted... With pineapple glaze and our own Cajun Rémoulade
dippin’ sauce
... $8.99

Salsa Cheese Bread ~
a Half  loaf of French bread, covered with
our zesty homemade salsa and mounds of cheese, then toasted to
 ... $8.99

Spicy Steak -on-a-Stick ~
Bite-sized chunks of tender Grilled
Steak with a spicy Schezwan sauce served over fresh hot homemade
potato chips
... $11.99
Almond Prawns ~
Four Jumbo Pacific White Shrimp, butterflied,
then  rolled in Japanese bread crumbs and sliced Almonds, cooked to
golden brown and served over mashed potatoes with our incredible
Tequila Lime Butter
 ... $11.99

Shrimp Cocktail ~
Five Jumbo Prawns with our own zesty cocktail
sauce over chopped celery with baked Pita Chips .. Hint: Dip the
shrimp until gone ...  then mix the remaining sauce and celery and
spread it on the Pita Chips ... REALLY GOOD!!
... $11.99

Chips ’n’ Dip ~  
a HUGE basket of our fresh hot potato chips with
our own Artichoke & Sun-Dried Tomato dip ...  bet you can’t eat just
... $6.99


We are very proud of our salads. Our greens are grown a few miles
from the Junction  by Tom Newman and delivered fresh several
times a week for the absolute freshest salad available. We think
you’ll taste the difference ...

The Cat’s Meow ~ a HUGE “entree” sized bed of fresh local greens
and goodies with your choice of our homemade dressings* and hot
garlic bread
... $10.99                    or  with ...

Grilled Portobello Mushroom ... $14.99       Grilled Chicken Breast ... $14.99
Two Grilled Shrimp Skewers ... $16.49        Grilled or Blackened Salmon ... $16.49    
              8 oz. Flat Iron Steak Grilled to Order ...   $16.99

New!! The Teen Green ~ Garden Salad with 3 HUGE Chicken
Strips and your choice of our delicious homemade dressings *
(we suggest Orange Caesar) ... $9.49

Tofu Tostada ~ OBJ says, “ olé”  to vegetarians and folks who
want a healthy light meal...  fresh greens, mixed veggies, black
beans, and big chunks of tofu fresh or sauteed in a BIG tortilla
shell with your choice of dressing  ... $12.99

Garden Salad ~ Fresh local greens, homemade dressings* ...

* Our Signature Salad Dressings are made right here and
include Smokey Jalapeno, Lemon Basil ,  Orange Caesar, or
Champagne Vinaigrette, and now Sesame Ginger. Take some
home ..

Special Salad of the Day ~ Special greens, special dressing,
special toppings and even herb sorbets and ice creams. You
never know ...  Ask your server for details ... $7.99

Add a scoop of Bleu Cheese Ice Cream to any Salad ~ Sounds
weird, tastes GREAT !! So popular we HAD to add it to the menu
... $2.29